1. Belden- Belden? DataTuff? Cable
    Belden- Power Over Ethernet (POE) 以太網供電傳輸系統
    Belden- Solar & Wind Turbine Tray Cable太陽能 風力發電渦輪機用線
    Belden-Hirschmann? Robust Unmanaged OCTOPUS Switch
    Belden-Industrial Fiber 工業級光纖電纜線
    Belden-Industrial Twinax Blue Hose? Cables
    Belden-Shipboard Audio Control and Instrumentation Cable
    Belden-工業( DeviceBus for ODVA DeviceNet?)用線
    Belden-工業(300V, Tray Cable)電線
    Belden-工業(600V,Tray Cable)電線
    Belden-工業(Industrial Ethernet乙太網路)用線
    Belden-工業-VFD(Variable Frequency Drive)變頻馬達控制用線
    Belden-工業級(Industrial Ethernet DataTuff? RJ45 Cord Set) 乙太網路跳接線
    Belden-工業級(Industrial Ethernet乙太網路)用線
    Belden-工業電腦(FOUNDATION Fieldbus or PROFIBUS Cable)用線
    Belden-工業電腦(PROFIBUS/Controlnet/QuadShielded Cable)用線
    Hirschmann-Ethernet Converters with Serial Interface
    Lumberg Automation?-Sensor Connectors
    Belden-MachFlex 350 Industrial Cables PVC工業級機械組裝電纜
    Belden-PROFINET Cable
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    Belden? BE43802 RailTuff? Ethernet Data Cables 乙太網路訊號線或鐵路或大眾運輸用網路線


    Belden® RailTuff™ Ethernet Data Cables

    Belden® BE43802 RailTuff™ Ethernet Data Cables 乙太網路訊號線或鐵路或大眾運輸用網路線

    Product Data

    Belden Item Code : BE43802
    Transmission Performance : 10,000 Mbps
    Conductor :  AWG 24/19
    Cable Jacket Material : Premium FRNC,Insulation and Jacket, cross-linked, (by e-beam)
    Cable Jacket  Color : Blue
    Cable Outer Diameter : 8.1 +/- , 0.3 mm
    Cable Construction : S/FTP 4PR

    Always Stay Ahead with Belden
    In a highly competitive environment, it is crucial to have reliable partners who are
    able to add value to your business. When it comes to signal transmissions, Belden
    is the number one solutions provider. We understand your business and want to
    know your specific challenges and targets to see how effective signal transmission
    solutions can push you ahead of the competition. By combining the strengths of
    our four leading brands, Belden®, GarrettCom®, Hirschmann™ and Lumberg
    Automation™, we are able to offer the solution you need. Today it may be a single
    cable, a switch or a connector, thus solving a specific issue; tomorrow it can be
    a complex range of integrated applications, systems and solutions.

    About Belden
    Belden Inc., a global leader in high quality, end-to-end signal transmission solutions,
    delivers a comprehensive product portfolio designed to meet the mission-critical
    network infrastructure needs of industrial, enterprise and broadcast markets. With
    innovative solutions targeted at reliable and secure transmission of rapidly growing
    amounts of data, audio and video needed for today’s applications, Belden is at the
    center of the global transformation to a connected world. Founded in 1902, the
    company is headquartered in St. Louis, USA, and has manufacturing capabilities
    in North and South America, Europe and Asia.

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