1. Photovoltaic wire 太陽能光伏電纜
    ALPHA-SOLAR Manage ground and protect 太陽能管理、接地和保護
    ALPHA-SOLAR WIRE 太陽能用電線電纜
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    ALPHA SPM1803CY, Alpha-SPM1803,UL 4703 PV WIRE 美規太陽能光伏電線電纜, 工具裝置配件

    ALPHA SPM1803CY, Alpha-SPM1803,UL 4703 PV WIRE 美規太陽能光伏電線電纜, 工具裝置配件

    ALPHA UL 4703 PV WIRE太陽能光伏電線電纜, 工具裝置配件

    :Solar Power

    Solar Cable

    大优彩票客服 www.ihfnp.icu Solar applications demand wire and cable with maximum reliability and flexibility to prevent costly downtime and disruption to the energy grid. PV Wire and Solar Cables from Alpha Wire are designed to withstand the extreme rigors of solar applications and give your solar farm years of reliable service.

    Download the brochure.

    Photovoltaic Wire Features:

    • 14 AWG to 2 AWG
    • UL 4703 PV wire/TUV Pfg 1169 LSZH wire
    • UL 4703 PV wire PVC jacketed wire
    • -40°C to +90°C
    • Oil and sunlight resistant

    Solar Cable Features:

    • TC-ER
    • UL MTW
    • VW-1
    • FT-1
    • 1000 V
    • Stranded bare copper conductors
    • PVC jacket
    • PVC/nylon insulation
    • Tinned copper braid shield, 85% coverage
    • Sunlight, ozone, and UV resistant
    • Direct burial
    • Oil Res. I
    • Moisture resistant
    • 10x bend radius
    • Wide temperature range: -40°C static/-30°C bending to +90°C

    Existing Products Include:

    Series M and Series P control cables, ideal for stationary tray application with light to moderate flexing, are available in conductor counts to 65 and wire sizes from 18 AWG to 8 AWG.

    Type 492 Slit Loom Tubing protects cable, simplifying its installation. A full-length slit allows the tubing to be slid over cable for easier breakouts and flexible routing.

    Liquid-Tight Flexible PVC Tubing and fittings keep cables safe, dry, and protected.

    大优彩票客服, in sizes from 12 AWG to 6 AWG, meet the requirements of NEC 705.2 for panel grounding.

    FIT® Heat-Shrink Tubing makes it easy to protect, organize, strain-relieve, and repair cables—with a range of shrink ratios and materials for any application environment.

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