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    Amer-37-102-4C Gexol? Insulated Power Cable Extremely Flexible ? 0.6/1kV ? Rated 110°C 4 Conductor 4芯 柔性石油,天然氣海上鑽孔平臺用線


    商品編號: Amer-37-102-4C

    Amer-37-102-4C Gexol® Insulated Power Cable Extremely Flexible • 0.6/1kV • Rated 110°C 4 Conductor 4芯 柔性石油,天然氣海上鑽孔平臺用線

    Designed and constructed for the demanding environments
    of offshore drilling and petroleum facilities located
    throughout the world.

    Four Conductor Power Cable
    Gexol® Insulated
    Extremely Flexible • 0.6/1kV • Rated 110°C

    Ratings & Approvals (Other certifications pending)
    ?? 110°C Temperature Rating
    ?? American Bureau of Shipping (ABS)
    ?? Transport Canada 8700-20-2
    ?? Det Norske Veritas (DNV)
         E-6669, E-6388, E-6390, E-6391
    ?? Lloyd’s Register of Shipping (LRS)
         91/60333 (E6)
    ?? NVE 95/1696, FAL
    ?? UL Listed as Marine Shipboard Cable
    ?? United States Coast Guard
          November 2, 1987 / 9304
    ?? CSA listed as Marine Shipboard Cable (82346)

    ?? High strand count conductors make this
         product much more flexible, easier to install
         and more resistant to vibration than Type MC,
         IEC spec or commercial cables.
    ?? Gexol’s lower dielectric constant and higher
         insulation resistance reduces electrical losses.
    ?? Gexol’s excellent resistance to moisture
         produces stable electrical properties throughout
         the life of the cable.
    ?? In a fire condition, Gexol’s nonchlorinated flame
         retardant system produces less toxic and less
         corrosive gases.
    ?? Dual certified IEEE 1580 Type P and
         UL 1309/CSA 245 Type X110.
    ?? Highest ampacity ratings: ABS 100°C, DNV
         95°C, LRS 95°C, Transport Canada 95°C.
    ?? Severe cold durability: exceeds CSA cold
         bend/cold impact (-40°C/-35°C).
    ?? Flame retardant: IEC 332-3 Category A
          and IEEE 1202.
    ?? Suitable for use in Class I, Division 1 and
          Zone 1 environments (armored and sheathed).
    ?? Optional braid armor of bronze
         or tinned copper.


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